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Gun laws have changed!
From Tuesday 22nd November, marks the start of a TWO WEEK gun surrender here in Merseyside!

The surrender follows a change in the law which has now made it illegal for certain antique firearms to be owned by members of the public without appropriate certification.

Chief Superintendent and Head of Investigations Mark Kameen said: “The harder we make it for criminals to get their hands on a gun, the more content I feel knowing that the wider public are protected against being threatened or even killed by someone in possession of one.

“This change in the law means that those legitimately owning an ‘antique’ gun can still do so, providing they have the correct licence.

“During this two week surrender, we would welcome any dangerous weapon being handed in to us, in particular the now illegal antique guns. We know some people who own one of these weapons with no criminal intent may be reluctant to give in their gun as it could have sentimental value or be a decoration of some sort. We ask you to put this attachment to one side and look at the bigger picture – what if someone broke into your home and stole this and used it to harm someone else? What if a child accidently managed to fire it and harm themselves? It is safer for everyone if you work with us and prevent an incident taking place by handing in your gun before it’s too late. Please do your part to protect your friends, family and neighbours.

“I fully support the change in the law and I hope that you do too and recognise this as a positive step forwards.”